Like David Like May ft. Fola (Prod. JEB1)

from by Potent Whisper




You ain't no leader bruv
You never see the blood

When a peace sign is radical
And the people fight for capitol
Where the weak all die like animals
Bruv none of us think that's rational

Verse 1

Matthew wants to talk to you, he’s thought it through, this isn’t banter
Lilly’s tryna explain again she can’t be fit to work with cancer
Chantelle just can’t tell how bombing kids will make us safer
Her question’s heartfelt, but you either laugh or call her traitor
Emily asks why it's always the poor that pays the deficit
While the corporations thrive and we all die to keep you getting rich
Richard asks which alarming threat to Britain permits our arms
to blitz and bleed those innocent kids asleep in Syrian women’s arms?

You're going on like we need survival
War for peace, then repeat the cycle
Seen. What leader would feed their rival?
Who supplies all the guns to ISIL?
ISIS crisis, who devised it?
You and Obama supervised it
For your benefit, you’re the terrorist
But you're not one I sympathise with.

Fuck your armour, our rocks are harder
Out to the younger dons in Gaza
Fuck the police, helicopter, guarda
Come to the street and you’ll meet a martyr
None of us here have fear for drama
None of us here adhere to master
Run up on a hype like “hi I’m karma!”
High commander, time to answer

Verse 2

He’s leading a party of Paedophiles
Just read the files (you'll need a while)
You couldn't write this, just keep your child well away from David's team - a mile
I won't calm down, no I won't relax
I'm bringing arms out, and I'll load the facts
I didn't vote for you, I didn't vote for that
No confidence? Yeah I'll vote for that!

You lead us... to the valley of death
Where the heroes find a "valiant death"
Family's die, your salaries rise and we feel safe... like a stab in the neck!
Your next.
You ain't no leader "bruv"
You don’t speak for us, you never see the blood
When our brave die young and our young die slaves
If you came out here they’d beat you up


from New Radical, released March 21, 2017
Potent Whisper ft. Fola Philip
‘Like David Like May’
(Prod. JEB1)



all rights reserved


Potent Whisper London, UK

Changing the world, one rhyme at a time.

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